SOFIA: Submission OF Information Application

Welcome to SOFIA (Submission OF Information Application), the IMI electronic submission tool to be used for submitting your application in response to a topic of an IMI2 Call.

For any questions regarding the IMI2 JU Calls for proposals please visit the IMI website or sends us an e-mail using the Helpdesk function.

Ongoing Projects

Encoding work packages, deliverables, milestones

To declare work packages, deliverables and milestones in ongoing projects, navigate to the "Project Submission Overview" and click, if available, "Reopen" and then the "Edit"-button to add the items of your work plan in web forms.

(Hint to speed up "Finalize": Finalise more than one item in a row without waiting for the browser to refresh. Not all these successive “Finalize” actions may be effective, but there is a good chance that more than one item is finalised per page reload.)

Uploading deliverable documents

Please navigate to the "Deliverables Submission" and click. Select your project and upload the documents. Of note the size of the documents is restricted <=20MB. If larger, try a 'reduced size pdf'.